BANANA '30.5 Centimeters of It' UK TOUR - 1994

BANANA 'Ripe for The Pickin' 1995 tour

BANANA 'Out of Their Peels' 1997 tour


Old News

March 28th Chad got out of rehab and the boys got back to their roots. Banana played a free show at The Globe in their hometown of Milwaukee WI. They have gotten a great amount of support from bands they used to work with back in early 90's, and were joined by them on stage. The bands included

True Heart Susie

Wet Dog



Miss Trixie

The Invaders


Tolstoi's Tricycle

Blarney Castle


Thanks for coming down and showing your support for Chad getting out of rehab, the show was free and so was the beer. This was obvious when several days after the show when Andy was asked about the show, his only response was 'I don't remember playing that show. Do we have a copy of that on videotape. I was LOOOOOAAAAADED!!!" Oh well. Watch this space, rumors have been circulating that Banana will be joining their dear friends Hayseed Dixie on a few shows in the Midwest, so WATCH OUT, the boys may be coming to your town!!